Has Your Pension Pot Been Plundered

By Charges? 


Some Of The Red Flag Categories The Software Covers.


1 - Advised To Change To A SIPP With Higher Risk & Charges.

2 - Inappropriate Advise On Final Salary Transfers.

3 - Advised Into An SASS (Small self administered scheme).

4 - Retired Overseas & Advised A QROPS (Qualified recognised overseas pension scheme).

5 - Advised To Setup A Risky OPS (Occupational Pension Scheme).

6 - Advised To Opt Out Of SERPS (State Earnings Related Pension Scheme).

7 - Unfairly Sold Your Pension Product Or Not Made Aware Of Other Products & Options.

8 - Health & Medical Issues Not Inluded Consequently The Wrong Pension Product Was Advised.

Overcharged On Drawdowns.

The OCC software analysis of pension products is detailed and in-depth. Reviewing all statements & contracts from the pension plans inception. OCC can inspect - Executive pension plans, group personal pensions, Master trust pension (eg NEST, NOW pension, the People's Pension), SIPP & SSAS as well as stakeholder pensions and a host of other pension plans.

Have You Been Overcharged On Drawdowns?

Overcharged On Fees & Charges.

The OverCharged Checker reviews all data to identify overcharging on fees and potential undercharging on interest and other credits. As well as checking the compliance of the provider to adhere to the terms of the individual's pension plan and all rights related to the T & C within the plan agreement at plan inception.

 Overcharged On Fees & Charges.

Inappropriate Or Pressured Advice.

Your OCC review leads to the production of two main reports, one financial & one compliance related, these reports allow for a fact based assessment, to determine financial & compliance breaches. The generated pension reports can then be forwarded online with a merged cover letter to the provider outlining and evidencing your full claim.

 Received Inappropriate Or Bad Advice.

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