Have You Been Overcharged On Your Mortgage? 


Some Of The Red Flag Compliance Categories The Software Covers.


1 - Unsuitable Mortgage For Your Requirements.

2 - Inappropriate Application Details Completed By Your Broker.

3 - Standard Variable Rate - (SVR) overcharging.

4 - Retirement Date Was Before The Mortgage Contract End.

5 - Advised To Consolidate Debts - By Re-Mortgaging.

6 - Unaware Of Commission Payment Structure To Your Broker.

7 - Interest Only Product Or Subprime Mortgage Offered.

8 - Advised To Switch Mortgages But Unaware Of Fee Penalties.

9 - Overcharging, Arrears, Broker & Admin Fees, Mortgage Prisoner.

10 - Unable to leave your current mortgage "Mortgage Prisoner".


Interest Rates.

The OCC software fully reviews your mortgage account in detail. Covering all transactions, rates changes and fee charges. The remediation settlements for OCC mortgage clients are much higher than other financial products and can lead to substantial payouts, in some cases many thousands of pounds.

 Overcharged On Your Interest Rates?

Fees & Charges.

OCC can check repayment mortgages, interest-only mortgages, fixed-rate & standard variable rate (SVR) mortgages. Discounted rate mortgage, tracker mortgages, capped rate mortgages & cashback mortgages.


 Overcharged On Your Fees?

Arrears & Late Payments.

The OCC software then generates a two part report covering all financials identifying any overcharging issues, then completes a further compliance reviewing of any potential FCA breaches around misseling. The generated reports can then be evidenced & forwarded to the mortgage provider.

 Overcharged On Payments?

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