Have You Lost Money On Your Investments? 


Some Of The Red Flag Categories The Software Covers.


1 - Stocks, Funds Shares, Endownments, Traded Life Policies.

2 - Pressurised Selling Of A Financial Product That You Did Not Require.

3 - Additional Or Unexplained Fee Charges Added.

4 - Unexplained Risk Markers That Were Not Fully Explained To You.

5 - You Have Sustained Significant Loses As A Result Of The Advise & Investment.

6 - Inappropriate Advice On ISA's & Investment Or With Profit Bonds.

7 - PEP's, Unit Trusts Managed Portfolios, Open Ended Investments & Schemes.

8 - Moved Pension Out Of Workplace Scheme Into SIPP.

Overcharged On Fees.

The OverCharged Checker investment analysis is similar in nature to the mortgage process, with a full in-depth review of the financials & contract arrangements and transactions. The potential settlement rewards around breaches, overcharging, or mis-sold Investment products can be in the thousands of pounds subject to the product, terms and contract.

 Overcharging On Your Fees.

High Level Of Losses.

OCC reviews all of the Investment product history, identifying overcharging on fees, undercharging on credits, additional charges, and potential breaches. A full compliance review of the Investment contract & terms is completed by the OCC software to further identify any potential issues around the compliant operation of the Investments terms by the provider.

Claim On Potential Losses.

Pressurised Selling.

OCC then compiles and produces both a financial & compliance report outlining any overcharging and underpayments as well as contract breaches under the contracts terms. The generated investment reports can then be forwarded online with the software by a data merged covering letter to the provider outlining & evidencing your detailed claim.

Claim On Unfair Trading Activities.

Complex Investments
OverCharging & Misselling.


Some Of The More Complex Investments Our Software Can Forensically Audit & Review.

Unit Trusts

Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)

Investment bonds.

Endowment or whole of life with-profits policy early exit.

Tax and qualifying life insurance products

Structured Deposits and Structured Investments.

Buy-to-let property investments schemes.

Tax and property investment.

Indirect property investments.

With-profits fund Endowment policies.

Hedge funds investments.

Spread betting accounts.

Contracts for difference (CFDs)

Venture Capital Trusts.

Investment trusts.

Workplace investment schemes.

Fixed interest securities.

Gilts and corporate bonds.

Community Shares Tracker fund.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Art, fine wine, and other collectible investments.

Children's Bonds.

UK Regulated peer-to-peer lending platforms.

UK Regulated Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Platforms.



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